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Grades 9-12

We work with districts and schools to provide an all-in-one hub for work-based learning. This includes career development resources, applications for opportunities, and more!

For Districts & Schools only

High School Student Career Development

As a high school student, it’s hard to find internships or training for a career you might be interested in. We coordinate with counselors and teachers to simplify the process and increase access to help you succeed.
Coursework & Badges

Your schools work with us to upload courses and badges you can earn to show employers that you’re ready. Coursework usually includes:

  • Resume development
  • Interview tips
  • General guidance
Work-based Learning

Once you feel ready, you can browse the listing and apply to opportunities that are aligned with your career aspirations. Opportunities include:

  • Internships
  • Volunteering
  • College programs
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Is there a cost or is the Career Platform free?

The Career Platform is 100% FREE for all high school students.

If your school or district is partnered with us, they can interact in an administrative capacity. They can add additional content or guide you in your journey. If they are not partnered with us yet, your teachers and counselors have no access to your information.

You can still use the Career Platform even if you are not sure, but you can contact your counselor or CTE department to see if they are partnered with us.

Please schedule a demo using this link. Before getting started, we have to verify your role and grant the appropriate level of access to the platform.

Employers will only see your information after you apply to an opportunity that they’ve posted. If you don’t apply, they have no visibility into your profile and cannot search for you.

Your school or district can upload additional courses and badges for you to complete. In terms of opportunities, employers can directly upload, but your school staff can also upload new opportunities that they discover on their own.

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