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Colleges and universities are expecting more and more high school students to complete internships prior to submitting applications. Most students struggle to find internships or gain experience to prepare them for the future. Oppti aims to change that. Our 8-week Internship Experience Bootcamp concludes with a guaranteed internship. We will match you with a reputable company, where you have the opportunity to make a real impact and develop valuable professional skills. You will also walk away with a final presentation to add to your portfolio, while strengthening your network, exploring potential career paths, and stepping outside your comfort zone. Sign up for a consultation

With courses created by Alumni from:

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With Fortune 500 Internship Partners such as:

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, VMware is a $67B company, with over 31,000 employees. VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees.

Dr. Poh Tan

University of British Columbia

PhD ‘08, PhD ’21

Founder & CEO - STEMedge Academy

Career Readiness meets Academic Excellence

"The workplace culture is advancing towards a future in constant need of group innovation. While sound critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and confidence are important in achieving academic success, they are critical to having impactful careers. A candidate is only successful if they can function in diverse teams, provide value beyond individual knowledge, and lead from a place of reciprocity, responsibility, and respect. Oppti’s cutting-edge bootcamp not only prepares students for internships but helps them become well-rounded individuals by acquiring essential life skills that make them leaders in their future career!"

Why Oppti's Internship Experience Bootcamp

As a leader in the High School Internship space, Oppti has accumulated years of employer feedback about what they wish the education system had taught students prior to their first day at the new job or internship. As a result, we have created a 8-week program to train students and better prepare them for careers in the real world. With a combination of practical courses and hands-on assignments, students will stand out from their peers and be one step closer to a promising career. In addition to developing technical skills in a professional environment, students will walk away with skills such as time management, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Once equipped with cutting-edge training, we provide students with the opportunity to complete a Capstone Internship with companies ranging from emerging startups to well-established corporations.


By joining the Bootcamp, driven high school students are not only gaining the skillsets they need to take them to the next level in their careers, but also secure a guaranteed virtual internship with companies world-wide.


No more getting coffee. During the Internship Experience Bootcamp, you will be able to perform meaningful work that prepares you for the future and has a tangible impact on company operations.


Through comprehensive analysis, Oppti has isolated fundamental skills and abilities that will transfer to almost any career path. From team collaboration to critical thinking, the Internship Experience Bootcamp will provide you with a stepping stone towards a promising career.


We help you develop your talents with mentorship and training, and challenge you with engaging work that ensures growth in critical areas. You will have hands-on assignments and receive detailed feedback from our leadership team to make revisions and improvements.

How it Works


Phase 1

Get Trained.

Career Development Fundamentals

  • Set goals and complete your self-assessments
  • Learn how to communicate and best represent yourself
  • Complete coursework ranging from interviewing to analyzing data and charts.

Phase 2


Hands-on Internship Preparation

  • Put your skills to the test with experiential learning activities
  • Receive individualized feedback and support on assignments
  • Learn the basics of marketing, graphic design, data analysis and more...

Phase 3


Guaranteed Internship

  • Add an impressive internship to your resume
  • Complete a final presentation for your portfolio
  • Earn a letter of recommendation for outstanding performance (top performers)

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Internship Experience Bootcamp


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