About Us

Oppti helps students explore their career interests and build the skills and knowledge necessary to gain a meaningful career.


We provide students with the tools to succeed in their career development and prepare for an increasingly connected, diverse, and open world. The need for innovative career development tools is clear. Oppti is passionate about providing a solution.

Who we are

We believe that career development must involve the whole of our communities. Our founding team comprises mission-driven graduates from UCLA, USC, and Cornell University who are passionate about career development and education. We collaborate daily with teachers and administrators who represent decades of experience in education. Oppti also incorporates the interests of stakeholders such as parents, students, and employers, ensuring that our platform represents and supports those who are working to build up the next generation. We combine the input of our community members with the efficiency of modern technology to provide a tool that meets the holistic needs of today’s students.

How we help

With a lot of focus on graduation requirements and college admission, counselors and teachers often don’t have time to reach out to employers to find internship opportunities for their students. Students are often left to scour the web on their own to find career development opportunities, but search results are sparse or inadequate. That’s why we built Oppti to be a quick and efficient way to access hundreds of local and national opportunities, sort by pathways, and discover new career interests. Applying to an opportunity can take no more than a single click. From big cities to small towns, we partner with employers to ensure students are able to access both virtual and in-person opportunities no matter where they are.


Through volunteering, internships, and jobs, students gain significant workforce skills including problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and written and oral communication. Students engaged in their career development are 10x more likely to graduate than their peers without access. Career exploration and planning fosters a learning environment where students form a connection between their classroom success and outcomes such as higher income and quality of life. By exposing the next generation to a variety of careers, students are also more likely to find meaningful work, which leads to greater job satisfaction and civic engagement later in life.


of parents believe what their children have to learn to graduate, attend college and compete in the workforce is much different than it was 20 years ago.


of employers agree that there should be greater emphasis on key workforce skills in school.


of students feel positively about their college and career readiness.

We strive to make the opportunity-finding process as easy as possible!
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Oppti connects students from across the country, and from a variety of age groups, to opportunities where they can grow both academically and in their career development.